Our God is For Us

by Luke W.

ImageOne of my favorite songs that we do in church (and that really most all contemporary style churches are doing) is Our God by Chris Tomlin. It is just a great song… the lyrics are incredible and so is the music and all-but, that’s not what this post is about so let’s move on, shall we.

This past week I took my second trip to NW Haiti. We were there for 7 days and it was an incredible time where God truly showed our team so many things and opened our eyes. One night in chapel-after a long day of travel and spending the day with the Salines Mayette orphanage children-we sang the song Our God. As the chorus started talking about our great God I was reminded of my favorite two little Haitian girls, Mairima and Naima (twins). I started to think about how God is so great that even though they didn’t have a biological family to take care of them God-through His people-has held them since day one. 

The song then says, “If our God is for us, then who could ever stop, and if our God is with us, then what could stand against.” This lyric brought me to the realization that God is for all of us. In America we get caught up in our own “space.” We remember that God is for US but so often forget that He is also as much for the church down the road, the neighbor that gets on our nerves, and even little children in third World countries. Space, nor time, nor circumstances change who God is for. 

It is time that we start to treat others like God is for them. If we follow what God has for us, we will finally start really showing that God is for the whole World. When people really grasp that God is for them it will change the World. Let God work through you by grasping that He is as much for the person next to you as He is for you; He is as much for the person around the World who doesn’t know Him as He is for the person who lives with God daily.

Thank You God for grace and for being FOR US and STANDING WITH US!